Free baby samples 2019

Free Baby Samples 2019

Hi there! Have you been searching all over the web for free baby samples? Me too. And after spending countless hours on many different websites, I thought… this is ridiculous! I’ve decided to make a list that I wish that I could have had in order to find the best baby freebies.

This is an ultimate guide to easy, legit free baby samples in 2019 by mail and in-person. Everything is tried and true by me to save you the hours I’ve spent researching.

While there are many other programs out there that say they offer baby freebies and gifts for new moms, it’s hard to know which ones are actually legit – especially when you’re entering your personal information! 

Everything listed below are samples that I have successfully applied for and received, so I know you can too! 

Welcome Boxes

Free baby samples welcome box

First off, if you haven’t already – you need to create your baby registry!

This is because you can receive free welcome packages from multiple companies, even if you only plan on using one registry. I highly recommend checking out Babylist, which is what I used for my baby registry.

Babylist allows you to combine multiple registries into one, which is great if you want certain items specific to one store!

Alternatively, you can also use Babylist’s registry to determine which store has a particular item for the least amount of money. If you add items from the Babylist store, you’ll receive a 10% discount 60 days before your due date on remaining items on your registry. The coupon can be used for up to 6 months after your due date.

You’ll also receive… a free welcome box, called the Hello Baby Box. This baby box is FULL of baby freebies.

Items change every month, but here’s a peek inside the latest box! You can also check out the unboxing videos from Babylist here.


Walmart Welcome Box (Free)

Walmart baby box samples

I did a full post on the Walmart Baby Box 2019 that goes into more detail on the Baby Box program and what’s inside the box!

*UPDATE 2019* Walmart’s previous $5 baby box program, which included the Prenatal, Newborn and Toddler boxes are no longer available as of June 22, 2019. 

They are now offering the Welcome Baby Registry Box in its place, which is completely free – no purchase necessary!

Head over to Walmart’s Baby Box page and fill out the banner information to the right to get started. 

You’ll then take a style questionnaire that will pre-select items for your registry. You can delete and reselect these items at any time.

*Note: If you do not intend on using Walmart for your registry items, you can let Walmart add items to your registry for you and still receive the welcome box free of charge – no purchase necessary! 

Once your registry is created, the box will automatically be sent to the address you provided.

Target Welcome Box (Free)

Target free baby samples

If you’ve already read my post on what’s inside the Target Baby Bag, then you already know it’s one of the best! Their registry page is very user-friendly, and it’s very easy to set up.

(You also get a super-cute reusable mini tote bag, which I use all the time!)

They’ll even include a 15% baby registry coupon on all remaining items 8 weeks before your due date.

Visit Target’s registry page and create your registry.

You’ll need to enter your baby’s due date and add at least one item to your registry.

Your welcome box is now immediately available for pick up!

Unlike Walmart’s Baby Box, there is no option to ship your box. Therefore, you will need to pick up the package in person.

Stop by Guest Services and show them your registry on your Target Registry App, and you’re all set! 

Tip: I recommend giving your local Target a phone call in advance to make sure they have the welcome package in stock. Their baby freebies are in high demand and are often out of stock.

It took me two weeks and phone calls to multiple Target’s before they finally had them in stock – save yourself a trip!


Buy Buy Baby Goody Bag (Free)

Similar to the other baby boxes, Buy Buy Baby also offers a Free Goody Bag when you create a registry on their website.

Head over to Buy Buy Baby and click to create your registry.

You’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself and your baby before you get started.

Once you complete your profile and add at least one item to your registry, you’re ready to pick up your BuyBuyBaby Welcome Box!

Similar to Target’s Baby Bag, the welcome box is only available for pickup – it cannot be shipped to your home. With only 135 BuyBuyBaby store locations, I would only create a registry if there is a location near you. 

Amazon Baby Box (Free, with a $10 minimum purchase)

Amazon free baby samples

For more details on what’s included in the Amazon Baby Box, check out my post here. I go into detail on all of the full and sample-sized items I’ve received and what you can expect.

Amazon has a great welcome box full of baby freebies. However, they require that a minimum of $10 is purchased from your registry before they’ll send a baby box to your home.

(Alternatively, you can always purchase the box for $35.)

First, Login or Create an Account and then open their baby registry link.

You can find this by clicking the “Account and Lists” dropdown menu on the top right, and then under “Your Lists”, click “Baby Registry” 

If you’re not sure if anyone will use your Amazon registry, I recommend adding an item you would buy regardless (as long as it’s over a $10 value), adding it to your registry and purchase the item. 

It’s very important that you add the item to your registry first and then add the item to your cart from your registry page!

Company Inquiries (Free)

People are always surprised when I tell them that a lot of the free samples I’ve received were not a part of any specific baby freebie program. 

After looking at so many cute baby items I often found myself saying, “I wish they gave away free baby samples.” Even if they don’t advertise it, a lot of companies will be willing to give new samples when asked! 

Of course, just because they did it for one person doesn’t mean they’ll do it for everyone, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get a response.

For example, I had emailed Johnson&Johnson, The Honest Company, Gerber, Carters, Enfamil, Pampers, and Philips, to name a few. Some had responded, some didn’t. Don’t limit yourself to a particular list; Reach out to any company you’re interested in!

I recommend starting with the companies included in the welcome boxes you’ve received from your registries — especially the smaller samples, as they’ll be more likely to send out more. 

If this seems like too much work, draft a universal email draft that can be edited for each company. See below for an example for an email I sent to a company who sent me samples.

Don’t be afraid to make it personal!

You’ll be more likely to receive a response if you don’t come off as robotic. Real people read and respond to these inquiries, so it’s best to add personal details about you and your baby! 

I like to add details and compliments specific to the company I’m contacting so they’ll be more likely to help, or perhaps even pass your email up the ladder to a supervisor. 

For example, if I were sending an email to a popular baby product company, I may include something about their bottles and pacifiers. See below for a good example.

Notice how I went into detail about two popular product lines while complimenting a specific product. This shows an above-average understanding of their company and products. 

Who knows, maybe the newborn box gift set was a newly launched item and they were in the process of gathering data. You just complimented it, and their product specialists would probably like to hear that! 

Create an opportunity, even if doesn’t exist yet.

It depends on the company, but in most cases, they won’t want to read a long email. This is especially the case with larger corporations who receive TONS of emails every day. 

You’ll go a long way if you can communicate that even though you are asking for something in advance, it comes with the excitement of becoming a long-time customer once you receive their products.

Companies are constantly introducing new sample programs. If they didn’t offer any before, you can ask them if they have any future plans to give away free baby samples in 2019.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point! 

Miscellaneous (Free)

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Enfamil has a program called Enfamil Family Beginnings where they’ll send you a box of decently-sized samples of their formula. It’s pretty straightforward – just fill out your information and they’ll send you samples to the address you’ve provided. 

It took about 3-4 weeks before I received it in the mail. However, it is 100% free, no purchase necessary.

Similac StrongMoms

Similac also offers a program similar to Enfamil called Similac StrongMoms. 

Complete a small questionnaire about yourself and they’ll send a sample box of their formula(s). 

These boxes vary from person to person. It took about 3-4 weeks before I received the box, however many others have had theirs in less than 2 weeks! 

Generation Good from Seventh Generation is a program where they start by sending you smaller samples, and then upon completing reviews and providing feedback, you’ll gain points to earn more samples. There are also activities you can do from time to time to earn more points. This is a great way to earn free baby samples in 2019!

Upon signing up, head over to your dashboard and view the Available Activities. These products will change from time to time, so what you receive will vary. Accept one of their Mission activities, and you will be sent a sample of that product free of charge to the address you provided. Once you receive your sample, head back to your dashboard and click In Progress.

Click Continue and complete your Mission to receive your points that will help to increase your chance of being invited to participate in more trials! 

That’s it for now! I sincerely hope this guide helps you. After signing up and giving my personal information to so many programs, I remember wishing I had found a post listing free baby samples in 2019 that would save me the hassle of spam emails, ads and ultimately no samples.

Have you signed up for any of these programs? Were you happy with your freebies? And are there any other programs you think I should include? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below!



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