I’ve been thinking a lot lately about TIME, and how we take it for granted.

If I’m being completely honest, this journey has been a challenging one. The lack of sleep, late-night feedings and fussy moments can quickly take a toll on you. I started questioning myself as a parent. Can I do this? Am I doing this right? There’s so much outside influence telling you what is “right” and “wrong” that it becomes easy to doubt yourself.

As my maternity leave comes to an end, I find myself wondering where all the time has gone? We have spent so much time as new parents focusing on the things we couldn’t do instead of enjoying the little moments, that time began to pass us by without realizing it.

Here’s the thing:

Being a mother is hard. It is certainly the hardest job I have ever had. It has been a significant adjustment to our household. But for all of those moments (those many, many moments), it has made me appreciate our journey and what we went through. Because through that journey, we received the greatest blessing of all and we wouldn’t change that for a thing.

I feel that as mothers, we worry too much about what others think of us and our ability to be a parent that we lose track of time. We stop appreciating the present moments and we occupy our time with the negative thoughts of the hardships we’re going through. You have to stop and remind yourself of all of the things you will soon miss. One of them being their size! They grow up so quickly, and soon we’ll miss all of the things we had taken for granted.

Francis whiting halsey quote

How has it already been a few weeks and I’m already this nostalgic? I’m looking at photos from a few weeks ago in shock at how much my baby has grown already.

I have come to realize that soon I’ll be back at work. I’ll get home at the end of the day with only a few hours to spend with him before we need to sleep for the night. And this will cycle every day until I blink and suddenly my baby is no longer a baby anymore.

As a new mother, our days kind of run together and it’s easy to forget what day it is, let alone how many WEEKS has gone by! I suddenly had this realization that we need to cherish these last few moments that we will have at home with our little ones. After all, this is the only time you will get to spend with them like this. Enjoy it while you can.

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