diy wooden christmas trees

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees — These wooden Christmas trees are so simple to make, and you probably have most of the supplies already at home.

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Not only are they are a great inexpensive alternative to ready-made decorations, but you can also customize the shapes, sizes, and colors as you please!

diy wooden christmas trees

How to make a wooden Christmas tree

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees

Separate the three Christmas tree shapes from the wooden geometric blocks set (these are BY FAR the cheapest blocks that I have found in-store OR online).

You’ll need the cone, square pyramid and triangular pyramid.

Using a foam brush, begin by painting each ornament a solid color. Then, apply another layer until you no longer see the wooden base (the lighter colors may need at least three layers).

diy wooden christmas trees

Let each tree dry while you paint the other two. I used white, tropic bay blue, and metallic silver.

I have very muted decor, which is why I painted my trees very simple, minimalist design.

But the great thing about these wooden Christmas Trees is that you can choose any colors you’d like — the possibilities are endless!

Once dry, you can start adding the “Christmas lights” by lightly dabbing paint.

I recommend using a contrasting color, but again, have fun experimenting with different color combinations!

For the silver tree base, I mixed metallic silver and white in order to lighten the background and add a matte finish.

diy wooden christmas trees

diy wooden christmas trees   

And there you go! What do you think? Would you try these DIY Wooden Christmas Trees? As always, if you try any of my Christmas DIY under $20 tips please send me photos!

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