DIY Wood Christmas Ornaments — These wooden Christmas ornaments are so simple to make, and you probably have most of the supplies already at home.

This is a great DIY Christmas project for the kids, and they’re the perfect modern addition to your existing decor!

These would also be a great gift idea for friends and family!

DIY Wood Christmas ornaments

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Not only are they are a great inexpensive alternative to ready-made decorations, but you can also customize the shapes, sizes, and colors as you please!

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Wood Christmas ornaments

DIY Wood Christmas Ornaments

Using the sphere and semi-sphere from the wooden geometric blocks set (these are the cheapest blocks that I have found in-store OR online) separate the sphere and semi-sphere from the set.

Begin by taping half of the ornament. Then, apply another layer leaving a quarter of the wood exposed as pictured above. Using a foam brush, begin painting in the opposite direction of the tape. This will help leave a clean line by preventing the paint from getting under the tape.

Once dry, paint the other half with a contrasting color.

DIY Wood Christmas ornaments

Remove the ornament cap from an existing ornament. Alternatively, you can use eyehooks and twist them into the top of your wooden ornament.

If using ornament caps, use a hot glue gun and adhere them to your ornament.

Tape your second ornament in half and paint the entire half in a color of your choice. I used metallic silver.

DIY Wood Christmas ornaments  DIY Wood Christmas ornaments

And there you go! What do you think? Would you try these DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments? As always, if you try any of my Christmas DIY under $20 tips please send me photos!

DIY Wood Christmas ornaments

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