Hi there! This week on the blog I am going to show you a few easy Christmas DIY solutions using items you already have in your home! Today’s post is about Christmas DIY with paper — specifically wrapping paper.

I got the idea while looking at designer craft paper. There are so many cute wrapping papers available that I almost don’t want to waste them on presents! Am I the only one? They’re almost like little works of art. So why not have them displayed in cute little Christmas vignettes around your home?
christmas diy with paper

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favorite wrapping paper(s)
  • Books and/or magazines
  • Scissors
  • Invisible tape

Christmas decorations can be so expensive. These are great because you can easily change it up every year with your favorite colors and patterns.

If you’re wondering where you can put these, they go great on a coffee table, side table(s), console table, and a mantel shelf.

christmas diy with paper

Christmas DIY with paper

First, you’ll measure the wrapping paper as you normally would. Craft is especially important since these are being used for decor!

Take turns with different sized books and magazines to create a beautiful stacking effect.

If you’re a minimalism lover like me, you’ll love how easy to make these are.

And voila! I absolutely love pairing a neutral paper with an impact pattern, like these metallic trees from Target! I found a beautiful, timeless wallpaper bundle for under $15 here.

The sky is the limit on what patterns you can combine!

Stack them as low or high as you want! You can keep them straight and tidy, or you can turn them on the side for fun.

How cute is this farmhouse-inspired wrapping paper from Target? They come in 18 sqft and are only $1!

christmas diy with paper

You can also find these miniature bows in the gift wrap section at Target!

So easy, and such a great impact! This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on Christmas decor, or if you’re looking for last-minute DIY decorations.

What do you think? Would you try this Christmas DIY with paper? If you try any of my Christmas DIY under $20 tips, please send me photos!

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